Great food but a hefty price tag

Gordon Ramsay is a perfectionist; he preaches using the best and freshest ingredients, and it shows at his Pub & Grill Restaurant in Las Vegas. This large, expensive restaurant has been in operation for several years, and while a few die-hard Ramsay fans dine here regularly, the majority visit this restaurant out of curiosity. 

First, the food is excellent, and the majority of people like it. No matter what you order, the food is served well and is appetizing. The restaurant has a relatively small menu primarily geared around American and British foods. The fish and chips is an excellent dish but a bit pricey at nearly $31. The burger alone costs $22, and the fries cost an extra $9. All the appetizers are close to $20, and the portions aren't that big. The lobster roll, though delicious, is mostly composed of bread and 2-3 teaspoons of the lobster roll. There is a big choice of wines and beer, but nothing is less than $10 a glass.  Ramsay's delicious toffee pudding is $14.

If you want to save money, go to the Pub and Grill with friends and order dishes to share. All in all, there's not much criticism about the food or the service, but be prepared to pay top dollar. 

If you're okay with the price, then for sure you have nothing to lose by going to Ramsay's Pub and Grill.