Ever wanted to smash stuff without consequences? Your dream can come true at Wreck Room!

Wreck Room is a destruction experience where you can smash objects for fun! Relieve some stress and get out your anger by smashing bottles, TVs, and computers with baseball bats and crowbars. You’ll be suited up from head toe in safety gear: glasses, gloves, helmet, and all. It is required though that you show up in your own closed toed shoes. Lockers are also provided to store your belongings. So you won’t have to worry about damaging anything other than the breakables all around you. 

You’ll have the spacious “wreck room” all to yourself, though it is camera monitored for safety. Go wild! Break, smash, destroy, and scream. Once you’re done you won’t even have to clean it up.


You can choose from two different packages. The standard Wrecking Package is $65 per person for 30 minutes. This will include everything mentioned above: protective gear, all of the tools you need to tear it up, plus 21 items to destroy. That’s 15 small items, 5 medium items, and 1 large item, like a printer or a computer. 

The XL Wrecking Package is $85 per person for 30 minutes. This includes all of the basics like the first package, but offers more items to break. You’ll get 25 small items, 10 medium items, and 2 large items. 

Both packages can include up to 6 people; must be 18 or older. 


Wreck Room is located about a mile from The Strip. They’re open every day from 11 am to 7 pm. Get a group together and book your experience here!

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