You won't believe the prop bets that are being offered during this year's Super Bowl!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will do battle with the Kansas City Chiefs in their own stadium for SuperBowl 55. While a lot of people are concerned with the moneyLine and the spread, there are quite a few prop bets to consider as well. Everything from who scores four touchdowns first to who wins the coin toss is available to bet on with the Westgate Super Book , which will make for an interesting game.

Other example prop bets include how long it will take for Patrick Mahomes to run the ball, whether an extra-point kick will be missed, and the total QB sacks by both teams.

And why not? It’s the last NFL game for several months, and people should have some fun with it. Now, that doesn’t mean stumble into the sportsbook drunk and bet everything on Mahomes not throwing an interception on Sunday, but if you have a few dollars in your pocket and feel so inclined, why not put a little money into the game. If nothing else, it will at least make it more fun.

For example, imagine holding your breath as Mahomes goes interception-less for the entire game, and you strutting up to the ticket window like a champ. Or maybe you just so happen to pick heads on the coin toss and get a nice little payday before they even kick-off.

Then there are the parlay prop bets, which will offer fans a steeper challenge but could end up paying off from dumb luck. These bets include things like whether the first score is a touchdown or a field goal, longest field goal made in the game, and total touchdowns scored by the team in the first quarter. Again, bet responsibly, but feel free to play with a few parlay bets to make the game interesting.

Finally, for those want to get down with the nitty-gritty of the game, there are no parlay bets that will absolutely blow your mind. Seriously though, they have whether six points will decide the game or not, if the Buccaneers can score in the 4th quarter, and even if a quarter will be scoreless or not.  All hard questions to answer but might be worth putting some money on if you’re feeling lucky.

May the best team win!

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