You're not going to believe what one sports better managed to pull off last week. It might be the luckiest thing to happen in 2020.

I don't know what's the best part of sports gambling.

Maybe it's the fact that you’ll feel all macho-cool as you tell your friends how much money you made off the game last week. Or perhaps it’s just the idea of having skin in the game and the outcome affecting you somehow. Either way, it’s a rush to experience.

Here's what happened to one wild sports bettor this week. 

It all started in September when FanDuel posted odds on what teams would take their first loss in which week of the season. While that might sound a little too difficult to determine, one man placed a $100 bet on The New York Jets getting their first win in week 15 against the Los Angeles Rams. Weirdly enough, that’s exactly what happened this past week when the Jets beat the Rams 23-20

The man ended up winning $1200 off that bet, which must be one of the luckiest things to happen this year. Seriously though, how do you just one day wake up and decide that you are going to place a $100 bet on a football team getting their first win in week 15?  This is seriously either some dumb luck, or the guy had some previous knowledge of professional football. 

Well, you never know until you try, and that is exactly what this guy proved. He might have also proved that he knows a lot about football, which could lead to him winning even more in the coming weeks. Don’t be surprised if he pops up again in the coming weeks. 

Any idea what you'll be betting on? 

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