Whether NASCAR fans want to admit it or not, Kyle Busch is one of the greatest drivers of this generation and deserves a spot in the NASCAR hall of fame. Does he deserve a first ballot nod though?

Whether NASCAR fans want to admit it or not, Kyle Busch is one of the greatest talents this generation has ever seen. Not only is that evident by his two championships, but also by his 56 wins throughout a 21-year NASCAR Cup Series career. Of course, those numbers come nowhere near Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, or Tony Stewart, but he still belongs in a first ballot Hall of Fame conversation. 

And while some might not think he deserves such a nod from the NASCAR gods, it is his polarizing nature and win-at-all-costs attitude that puts him above the rest. Yeah, Busch is an asshole, but he is upfront about it. He also uses his personality to create more interest in the sport and get fans talking one way or another. 

Think about it! Kyle Busch is that rare talent that can make you notice him whether you want to or not. He is that undeniable elephant in the room that can't be ignored. He is also a man that is not afraid to speak up when he thinks he is being wronged, and that’s probably one of the best things about him. He’s not afraid of anyone or anything. His only drive is to win and dominate at the Cup level. 

He made that abundantly clear after injuring both his legs in an accident at Daytona International Speedway in 2015 and coming back to win the championship that year. And yes, it was probably a brutal hell for him to do that at the time. Furthermore, between rehab, workouts, and racing only a month after his surgery, the injury probably took years off his career. 

It might even be part of why Kyle Busch was so ineffective in 2020. Now, some of Busch’s season probably had to do with the fact that he couldn’t practice or qualify, but neither could the other drivers. One also must remember that drivers had multiple chances to work on their cars throughout the race, which is something Busch never managed to do effectively. 

Then again, Busch did manage to get a victory at Texas Motor Speedway to keep his 15-year win streak alive and could very well add to that streak next year. However, he even seems to be following a similar path to Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, and Jeff Gordon, who declined rapidly. 

Still, Kyle Busch does belong in the NASCAR hall of fame. He also deserves to be a first ballot hall of famer due to his 57 Cup Series wins, 97 Xfinity Series wins, and 59 Truck Series wins. He dominated the Cup Series while ruling the other divisions with an iron first. He has even played a role in the development of several driver's careers.  How could someone be so blind not to see the talent and the attention this man brings to the sport? 


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