Here's everything you need to know about the Las Vegas Golden Knights acquiring Jack Eichel by trade

#5 Jack Eichel traded to the Las Vegas Golden Knights

#5 Jack Eichel traded to the Las Vegas Golden Knights

The Las Vegas Golden Knights officially traded for star centerman Jack Eichel this November, and the news rocked the league. While the Golden Knights are still plagued with injury issues and have a great deal of time left before Eichel can even play for the team, this is a trade that could be an excellent long-term investment.

Was it worth what they gave away?

"The price was high for him, obviously, in terms of what we have sent to Buffalo, but at the same time for a player of this ilk, it should be high,'' Golden Knights GM Kelly McCrimmon said in a news conference. "For me, when you look at what an NHL contending team should look like, he's really an important piece of that.''

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