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Q11. You can apply a discount to the entire quote; there is no need to apply discounts to individual line items in the quote.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

Q12. How can end users sync their data from Outlook (using Salesforce for Outlook)? (Select all that apply)

A. Using the sync system try icon and clicking sync now

B. Allowing sync to runregularly in the background

C. Setting up sync schedule in Salesforce

D. Setting up sync schedule inOutlook

Answer: AB


Will Sidebar Search or Advanced Search find information in Chatterfeeds?

Answer: No. Only Global Search will find information in feeds.


What are forecast categories?

Answer: Best Case includes amounts you are likely to close, closed/won opportunity amounts, and amounts in the Commit category Closed includes amounts for closed/won opportunities

Commit includes amounts you are confident about closing and closed/won opportunityamounts

Omitted means the amount does not contribute to your forecast Pipeline includes amounts from all open opportunities

Q15. Planning an implementation – what should be included in end user support plan – choose 2 answers:

A. Meeting schedule to review openissues

B. Process for users to report issues

C. Communication to customers about potential issues

D. 24x7 IT support

Answer: AB

Q16. How can a sales organization address the "lag time" challenge?

A. By offering higher incentives to sales reps

B. By improving alignment with the marketing organization

C. By optimizing lead assignment and scoring

D. By avoiding the use of leads

Answer: C


How do you automatically update the mailing address of all contactrecords when a billing address on an account record is changed?

Answer: Create a Force.com trigger on accounts.


What is a benefit ofstandardizingOpportunity Naming?

Answer: It will assist in improving data quality.

Q19. Your company has decided they want to track payment and deliveries for their products and services. Place the steps in order:

A. Set up default schedules for any products that involve regular payments or delivery.

B. Do not set up default schedules for products that involve payments or deliveries that are unique to each opportunity.

C. Enable Scheduling for all products.

Answer: ABC

Q20. The stage field is mapped to a value for the Forecast Category fieldand this can never be changed in an opportunity.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B