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2016 Oct comptia n10-005 objectives:

Q281. Users trying to access a website using HTTPS are being blocked by the firewall. Which of the following ports needs to be allowed? 

A. 80 

B. 143 

C. 443 

D. 3389 

Answer: C 

Q282. Multiple networked devices running on the same physical hardware that provide central access to applications and files, where each device runs as a piece of software are known as: 

A. Virtual desktops. 

B. Switches. 

C. PBXs. 

D. Virtual servers. 

Answer: D 

Q283. A multi-layer switch operates at which of the following OSI layers? 

A. Layers 1 and 5 

B. Layers 2 and 3 

C. Layers 4 and 5 

D. Layers 5 and 6 

Answer: B 

Q284. Which of the following features will a firewall MOST likely use to detect and prevent malicious traffic on the network? 

A. Zone filtering 

B. Signature identification 

C. Port identification 

D. Port scanner 

Answer: B 

Q285. In the event of a fire in an office building, which of the following cable types should be installed to prevent toxic gas from burning PVC cable coatings? 

A. CAT6a 

B. Plenum 

C. Crossover 


Answer: B 

Rebirth network plus practice exam n10-005:

Q286. Which of the following copper cable types should be chosen to run gigabit speeds through a dropped ceiling that returns airflow? 

A. Non-Plenum CAT5 

B. Non-Plenum CAT5e 

C. Plenum CAT5 

D. Plenum CAT5e 

Answer: D 

Q287. Which of the following is a specialized piece of hardware designed to encrypt and decrypt user traffic? 

A. Proxy server 


C. Smart jack 

D. VPN concentrator 

Answer: D 

Q288. A small office client is requesting a network redesign. Both wired and wireless devices must connect to the network. All of the wireless devices can communicate using the latest standards. The building has a long courtyard in the middle with reinforced walls, which extends up through all the floors. The distance from the switch to the furthest drop is 88 meters. Which of the following is the correct network redesign choice? 

A. Fiber optic cabling is necessary due to distance limitations. 

B. The wireless network should be 802.11b due to equipment limitations. 

C. One WAP will be sufficient to provide wireless coverage to the floor. 

D. The wired network should be run with at least CAT6 cabling. 

Answer: D 

Q289. A user reports that some normally accessible external sites are not responding, but most other sites are responding normally. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause? 

A. VLAN tag mismatch 

B. Wrong subnet mask 

C. Smurf attack 

D. Faulty routing rule 

Answer: D 

Q290. In a small office environment, one computer is set up to provide Internet access to three other computers that are not interconnected. This is an example of which of the following topology types? 

A. Peer-to-peer 

B. Point-to-multipoint 

C. Hybrid 

D. Point-to-point 

Answer: B