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2016 Oct cbt nuggets cisco ccnp switch 642-813:


Match the Attributes on the left with the types of VLAN designs on the right.


Q82. You are the administrator of a switch and currently all host-connected ports are configured with the portfast command. You have received a new directive from your manager that states that, in the future, any host-connected port that receives a BPDU should automatically disable PortFast and begin transmitting BPDUs. Which command will support this new requirement?

A. Switch(config)#spanning-tree portfast bpduguard default

B. Switch(config-if)#spanning-tree bpduguard enable

C. Switch(config-if)#spanning-tree bpdufilter enable

D. Switch(config)#spanning-tree portfast bpdufilter default

Answer: D

Q83. Which statement about the EIGRP routing being performed by the switch is true?

A. The EIGRP neighbor table contains 20 neighbors.

B. EIGRP is running normally and receiving IPv4 routing updates.

C. EIGRP status cannot be determined. The command show ip eigrp topology would determine the routing protocol status.

D. The switch has not established any neighbor relationships. Further network testing and troubleshooting must be performed to determine the cause of the problem.

Answer: D


Place the syslog message types in the left to the corresponding area on the right, based on priority from highest to lowest.


Q85. Which protocol allows for the automatic selection and simultaneous use of multiple available gateways as well as automatic failover between those gateways?





Answer: C

642-813 test questions

Up to the minute cisco 642-813 labs:

Q86. When you create a network implementation for a VLAN solution, what is one procedure that you should include in your plan?

A. Perform an incremental implementation of components.

B. Implement the entire solution and then test end-to-end to make sure that it is performing as designed.

C. Implement trunking of all VLANs to ensure that traffic is crossing the network as needed before performing any pruning of VLANs.

D. Test the solution on the production network in off hours.

Answer: A

Q87. Refer to the exhibit.

Both routers are configured for the GLBP. Which statement is true?

A. The default gateway addresses of both hosts should be set to the IP addresses of both routers.

B. The default gateway address of each host should be set to the virtual IP address.

C. The hosts learn the proper default gateway IP address from router A.

D. The hosts have different default gateway IP addresses and different MAC addresses for each router.

Answer: B




Q89. Which statement about when standard access control lists are applied to an interface to control inbound or outbound traffic is true?

A. The best match of the ACL entries is used for granularity of control.

B. They use source IP information for matching operations.

C. They use source and destination IP information for matching operations.

D. They use source IP information along with protocol-type information for finer granularity of control.

Answer: B


AAAdot1x Lab

Acme is a small shipping company that has an existing enterprise network comprised of 2 switches;DSW1 and ASW2. The topology diagram indicates their layer 2 mapping. VLAN 40 is a new VLAN that will be used to provide the shipping personnel access to the server. For security reasons, it is necessary to restrict access to

VLAN 20 in the following manner:

- Users connecting to ASW1's port must be authenticate before they are given access to the network.

-Authentication is to be done via a Radius server:

- Radius server host:

- Radius key: rad123

- Authentication should be implemented as close to the host device possible.

- Devices on VLAN 20 are restricted to in the address range of

- Packets from devices in the address range of should be passed on VLAN 20.

- Packets from devices in any other address range should be dropped on VLAN 20.

- Filtering should be implemented as close to the server farm as possible.

The Radius server and application servers will be installed at a future date. You have been tasked with implementing the above access control as a pre-condition to installing the servers. You must use the available

IOS switch features.

Answer: The configuration:

Step1: Console to ASW1 from PC console 1

ASW1(config)#aaa new-model

ASW1(config)#radius-server host key rad123 ASW1(config)#aaa authentication dot1x default group radius ASW1(config)#dot1x system-auth-control

ASW1(config)#inter fastEthernet 0/1

ASW1(config-if)#switchport mode access

ASW1(config-if)#dot1x port-control auto


ASW1#copy run start

Step2: Console to DSW1 from PC console 2

DSW1(config)#ip access-list standard 10



DSW1(config)#vlan access-map PASS 10

DSW1(config-access-map)#match ip address 10

DSW1(config-access-map)#action forward


DSW1(config)#vlan access-map PASS 20

DSW1(config-access-map)#action drop


DSW1(config)#vlan filter PASS vlan-list 20

DSW1#copy run start