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Q121. After obtaining a License Unit Report from Cisco Unified Communications Manager, it shows you have 19 license units remaining. How many Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925 handsets will this quantity of licenses support? 

A. 3 

B. 4 

C. 5 

D. 19 


Q122. Which three options are the correct methods to implement end users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose three.) 

A. manually 


C. bulk import using BAT 


E. LDAP synchronization 

F. autoregistration 

Answer: ACE 

Q123. A user exists within an office of IP phones, all of which have the same pickup group. A call comes into a phone of another office worker who is currently at lunch. What should the user do to have the call redirected to his or her phone? 

A. Press the "Pickup" softkey and then the line that is ringing. 

B. Press the "Call Pickup" softkey only. 

C. Press the "Call Pickup" softkey and then the line that is ringing. 

D. Press the "Pickup" softkey only. 


Q124. Which issue does CAS signaling on a T1 circuit create? 

A. Signaling bits are subtracted from each frame, which causes a significant loss of voice quality. 

B. An extra signaling bit is added to the sixth frame to carry signaling information. 

C. A signaling bit is subtracted from every sixth frame to carry signaling information. 

D. Signaling bits are added to the signaling stream to create extended super frames. 


Q125. Which path would you use to implement end users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express using Cisco Configuration Professional? 

A. Configure > Unified Communications > Telephony Settings > User Settings 

B. Configure > Unified Communications > Users, Phones and Extensions > Phones 

C. Configure > Unified Communications > Users, Phones and Extensions > User Settings 

D. Configure > Unified Communications > Users, Phones and Extensions > Extensions 

E. Configure > Unified Communications > Users, Phones and Extensions > Phones and Users 


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Q126. Which server does Cisco recommend that you configure before a CUCM backup? 






Q127. An organization is using a centralized DHCP server for all IP phones. However, when the IP phones are powered up, the phones are unable to obtain an IP address. Which CLI command should be in the router configuration to ensure that the IP phones are able to reach the DHCP server? 

A. router(config)#helper-address 

B. router(config-if)#ip helper-address 

C. router(config-if)#helper-address 

D. router(config)#ip helper-address 


Q128. When creating a new softphone for a Cisco Unified Presence user, which phone type should you select if you are using Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Release 7.1? 

A. Cisco Unified Personal Communicator 

B. Cisco Unified Client Services Communicator 

C. Cisco Unified Client Services Framework 

D. Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Framework 


Q129. Which four characteristics are associated with video? (Choose four) 

A. greedy 

B. TCP retransmits 

C. UDP priority 

D. delay sensitive 

E. drop sensitive 

F. benign 

G. bursty 

Answer: ACDG 

Q130. Which tools allow the administrator to migrate users from Cisco Unity to Cisco Unity Connection? 

A. Cisco Object Backup and Restore Application Suite 

B. Cisco Disaster Recovery Framework Tool 

C. Cisco Real Time Monitoring Tool 

D. Cisco Unity Serviceability Tool