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Q1. What is the maximum combination of static vNICs and vHBAs for Cisco UCS Manager version 2.1 when using ESX 5.1?

A. 18 eNICs and 8 fNICs

B. 24 eNICs and 8 fNICs

C. 12 eNICs and 8 fNICs

D. 18 eNICs and 9 fNICs

Answer: A

Q2. What is the purpose of this command in a Cisco Application Control Engine?

switch/Admin# show np 1 me-stats "-F0 v"

A. It displays the status of the internal SSL proxy structure associated with a vserver.

B. It displays the crypto-related statistics for a single NP.

C. It is the same output of a "show stats crypto" client/server.

D. It shows details on HTTP session entries.

Answer: A

Q3. Which description is correct for a private VLAN community port with respect to Layer 2 communications?

A. It communicates with all other community ports in the private VLAN domain.

B. It communicates with only isolated ports in the private VLAN domain.

C. It communicates only with other community ports in the same community and associated promiscuous ports.

D. It communicates only with associated promiscuous and isolated ports.

Answer: C

Q4. A Cisco Nexus 7000 switch is used with the VRF feature to provide separation between the inside and outside interfaces of a transparent firewall.

The VRF RED is used for an untrusted network of the virtual data center, and it is connected to the outside interface of the firewall. The VRF GREEN is used as a trusted network of the virtual data center and is connected to the inside interface of the firewall. Subnet is used to communicate between two VRFs across the transparent firewall.

The firewall is configured correctly. The network administrator configured the VRFs and IP addressing correctly, but you are still unable to communicate across the firewall.

What is a likely cause of the problem?

A. This topology is incorrect. A transparent firewall cannot be used with VRF.

B. On Cisco Nexus 7000, policy-based routing is required to communicate between two VRFs.

C. The issue is related to software licensing; an Enterprise Services license is required on Cisco Nexus 7000.

D. The issue is related to the MAC address of the SVI.

E. The issue is related to keepalive, which is not supported on the SVI.

Answer: D

Q5. Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) uses the Authoritative Edge Device (AED) to perform which tasks?

A. The AED is responsible for sending all unicast traffic in a site, while either node in a site can transmit multicast and broadcast.

B. The AED is responsible for load balancing all traffic for all VLANs across the transport network.

C. The AED is responsible for handling all unicast, broadcast, and multicast traffic for a given VLAN within a site.

D. The AED is responsible for MAC address dispute contention for a given VLAN.

Answer: C

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Q6. When creating a role in a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch, rules are used to define the type of operations that a role will allow the user to perform. Which two of these parameters cannot be applied as a rule? (Choose two.)

A. port-profile

B. command

C. access-list

D. feature-group


Answer: A,C

Q7. Given the following output:

San-port-channel 12 is up

Hardware is Fibre Channel

Port WWN is 24:0c:00:0d: ec :d3 :5c:00

Admin port mode is NP, trunk mode is on

Port mode is NP

Port vsan is 1

Speed is 8 Gbps

Member [1]: fc2/3

Member [2]: fc2/4

What does "Speed is 8 Gbps" indicate?

A. The speed of the slowest interface in the port channel

B. The combined speed of all interfaces configured in the port channel

C. The combined speed of all interfaces in the port channel that are up

D. The speed that can be achieved if all buffers are used

Answer: C

Q8. NPV and NPIV are features that are used to overcome resource limitations in which Fibre Channel field?


B. Domain ID




Answer: B

Q9. Which two options correctly display IOM-to-Fabric Interconnect connectivity? (Choose two.)





A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Answer: A,B

Q10. Which two statements about enhanced zoning are true? (Choose two.)

A. Enhanced zoning is a mode that shows much more detail for the SAN choices when it is viewed in Fabric Manager.

B. Enhanced zoning cannot be enabled per VSAN. It is a chassis-wide setting.

C. Enhanced zoning sets the default zone to the same state in all switches.

D. Enhanced zoning cannot be enabled in an FCoE environment.

E. Enhanced zoning sends ACA to lock the fabric when the administrator starts a zone change.

Answer: C,E