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Q71. Which of the following email headers specifies an address for mailer-generated errors, like "no such user" bounce messages, to go to (instead of the sender's address)? 

A. Errors-To header 

B. Content-Transfer-Encoding header 

C. Mime-Version header 

D. Content-Type header 


Q72. What is a first sector ("sector zero") of a hard disk? 

A. Master boot record 

B. System boot record 

C. Secondary boot record 

D. Hard disk boot record 


Q73. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer protocol) receives outgoing mail from clients and validates source and destination addresses, and also sends and receives emails to and from other SMTP servers. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q74. At the time of evidence transfer, both sender and receiver need to give the information about date and time of transfer in the chain of custody record. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q75. Which of the following password cracking techniques works like a dictionary attack, but adds some numbers and symbols to the words from the dictionary and tries to crack the password? 

A. Brute forcing attack 

B. Hybrid attack 

C. Syllable attack 

D. Rule-based attack 


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Q76. FAT32 is a 32-bit version of FAT file system using smaller clusters and results in efficient storage capacity. What is the maximum drive size supported? 

A. 1 terabytes 

B. 2 terabytes 

C. 3 terabytes 

D. 4 terabytes 


Q77. Which of the following Wi-Fi chalking methods refers to drawing symbols in public places to advertise open Wi-Fi networks? 

A. WarWalking 

B. WarFlying 

C. WarChalking 

D. WarDhving 


Q78. What is cold boot (hard boot)? 

A. It is the process of starting a computer from a powered-down or off state 

B. It is the process of restarting a computer that is already turned on through the operating system 

C. It is the process of shutting down a computer from a powered-on or on state 

D. It is the process of restarting a computer that is already in sleep mode 


Q79. Raw data acquisition format creates ____________of a data set or suspect drive. 

A. Simple sequential flat files 

B. Segmented files 

C. Compressed image files 

D. Segmented image files 


Q80. Determine the message length from following hex viewer record: 

A. 6E2F 

B. 13 

C. 27 

D. 810D