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Q91. Summary address blocks can be used to support which network application? 

A. QoS 

B. IPsec tunneling 

C. Cisco TrustSec 


E. DiffServ 


Q92. Which protocol should be configured if a network administrator has the following requirements? 

. Multiple physical gateways participating simultaneously in packet forwarding. 

. All hosts in the VLAN configured with the same default gateway address. 






Q93. Which three statements about zoning are correct? (Choose three.) 

A. Zoning increases security. 

B. DNS queries are used for software zoning. 

C. Software zoning is more secure than hardware zoning. 

D. When using zones and VSANs together, the zone is created first. 

E. Zoning requires that VSANs be established before it becomes operational. 

Answer: A,B,E 

Q94. A e-commerce network has many devices that often need to be upgraded on a regular basis. What technology will ensure IP packets continue to be forwarded even during a device failover? 

A. stateful switchover 

B. nonstop forwarding 

C. route processor redundancy 

D. optimized edge routing 

E. enhanced object tracking 


Q95. A network team must provide a redundant secure connection between two entities using OSPF. The primary connection will be an Ethernet Private Line and the secondary connection will be a site-to-site VPN. What needs to be configured in order to support routing requirements for over the VPN connection? 

A. GRE Tunnel 


C. Root Certificate 

D. AAA Server 


Q96. Which of the following two statements about Cisco NSF and SSO are the most relevant to the network designer? (Choose two.) 

A. You can reduce outages to 1 to 3 seconds by using SSO in a Layer 2 environment or Cisco NSF with SSO in a Layer 3 environment. 

B. SSO and NSF each require the devices to either be graceful restart-capable or graceful restart-aware. 

C. In a fully redundant topology adding redundant supervisors with NSF and SSO may cause longer convergence times than single supervisors with tuned IGP timers 

D. The primary deployment scenario for Cisco NSF with SSO is in the Distribution and Core layers. 

E. Cisco NSF-aware neighbor relationships are independent of any tuned IGP timers 

Answer: A,C 



Q98. Which option does the FabricPath technology use to create loop-free Layer 2 networks? 



C. fabric tags 



Q99. What are two advantages of using Cisco FEX devices in the data center design? (Choose two.) 

A. Traffic-forwarding decisions are made by the Cisco FEX device. 

B. Cisco FEX devices must be upgraded when the parent switch is upgraded. 

C. Traffic-forwarding decisions are made by the parent switch, resulting in easier troubleshooting and centralized management. 

D. Cisco FEX devices do not have to be upgraded when the parent switch is upgraded, resulting in cost savings. 

E. Cisco FEX devices can be part of two different VDCs. 

Answer: C,D 

Q100. Which QoS mechanism uses RSVP? 

A. IntServ 

B. DiffServ 

C. CoS 

D. ToS