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2016 Nov 300-209 simos books:

Q71. Which statement describes a prerequisite for single-sign-on Netegrity Cookie Support in an IOC SSL VPN? 

A. The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client must be installed in flash. 

B. A SiteMinder plug-in must be installed on the Cisco SSL VPN gateway. 

C. A Cisco plug-in must be installed on a SiteMinder server. 

D. The Cisco Secure Desktop software package must be installed in flash. 


Q72. Which two statements are true when designing a SSL VPN solution using Cisco AnyConnect? (Choose two.) 

A. The VPN server must have a self-signed certificate. 

B. A SSL group pre-shared key must be configured on the server. 

C. Server side certificate is optional if using AAA for client authentication. 

D. The VPN IP address pool can overlap with the rest of the LAN networks. 

E. DTLS can be enabled for better performance. 

Answer: D,E 

Q73. Refer to the exhibit. 

The IKEv2 site-to-site VPN tunnel between two routers is down. Based on the debug output, which type of mismatch might be the problem? 


B. crypto policy 

C. peer identity 

D. transform set 


Q74. An IOS SSL VPN is configured to forward TCP ports. A remote user cannot access the corporate FTP site with a Web browser. What is a possible reason for the failure? 

A. The user's FTP application is not supported. 

B. The user is connecting to an IOS VPN gateway configured in Thin Client Mode. 

C. The user is connecting to an IOS VPN gateway configured in Tunnel Mode. 

D. The user's operating system is not supported. 




Thin-Client SSL VPN (Port Forwarding) 

A remote client must download a small, Java-based applet for secure access of TCP applications that use static port numbers. UDP is not supported. Examples include access to POP3, SMTP, IMAP, SSH, and Telnet. The user needs local administrative privileges because changes are made to files on the local machine. This method of SSL VPN does not work with applications that use dynamic port assignments, for example, several FTP applications. 

Q75. Which VPN type can be used to provide secure remote access from public internet cafes and airport kiosks? 

A. site-to-site 

B. business-to-business 

C. Clientless SSL 



Abreast of the times mitutoyo 209-300:

Q76. Which configuration construct must be used in a FlexVPN tunnel? 

A. multipoint GRE tunnel interface 

B. IKEv1 policy 

C. IKEv2 profile 

D. EAP configuration 


Q77. If Web VPN bookmarks are grayed out on the home screen, which action should you take to begin troubleshooting? 

A. Determine whether the Cisco ASA can resolve the DNS names. 

B. Determine whether the Cisco ASA has DNS forwarders set up. 

C. Determine whether an ACL is present to permit DNS forwarding. 

D. Replace the DNS name with an IP address. 


Q78. As network security architect, you must implement secure VPN connectivity among company branches over a private IP cloud with any-to-any scalable connectivity. Which.technology should you use? 

A. IPsec DVTI 

B. FlexVPN 


D. IPsec SVTI 



Q79. Which equation describes an elliptic curve? 

A. y3 = x3 + ax + b 

B. x3 = y2 + ab + x 

C. y4 = x2 + ax + b 

D. y2 = x3 + ax + b 

E. y2 = x2 + ax + b2 


Q80. Which group-policy subcommand installs the Diagnostic AnyConnect Report Tool on user computers when a Cisco AnyConnect user logs in? 

A. customization value dart 

B. file-browsing enable 

C. smart-tunnel enable dart 

D. anyconnect module value dart