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Q61. Which feature must you configure on a switch to allow it to redirect wired endpoints to Cisco ISE? 

A. the http secure-server command 

B. RADIUS Attribute 29 

C. the RADIUS VSA for accounting 



Q62. Which two options are EAP methods supported by Cisco ISE? (Choose two.) 





Answer: A,B 

Q63. When you configure an endpoint profiling policy rule, which option describes the purpose of the minimum certainty factor? 

A. It is compared to the total certainty metric of an individual endpoint to determine whether the endpoint can be trusted. 

B. It is compared to the assigned certainty value of an individual endpoint in a device database to determine whether the endpoint can be trusted. 

C. It is used to compare the policy condition to other active policies. 

D. It is used to determine the likelihood that an endpoint is an active, trusted device on the network. 


Q64. Which two attributes must match between two Cisco ASA devices to properly enable high availability? (Choose two.) 

A. model, interface configuration, and RAM 

B. major and minor software release 

C. tcp dead-peer detection protocol 

D. 802.1x authentication identity 

Answer: A,B 

Q65. Which type of remediation does Windows Server Update Services provide? 

A. automatic remediation 

B. administrator-initiated remediation 

C. redirect remediation 

D. central Web auth remediation 


Q66. You are troubleshooting wired 802.1X authentications and see the following error: "Authentication failed: 22040 Wrong password or invalid shared secret." What should you inspect to determine the problem? 

A. RADIUS shared secret 

B. Active Directory shared secret 

C. Identity source sequence 

D. TACACS+ shared secret 

E. Certificate authentication profile 


Q67. Which two switchport commands enable MAB and allow non-802.1X capable devices to immediately run through the MAB process? (Choose two.) 

A. authentication order mab dot1x 

B. authentication order dot1x mab 

C. no authentication timer 

D. dot1x timeout tx-period 

E. authentication open 

F. mab 

Answer: A,F 

Q68. Which five portals are provided by PSN? (Choose five.) 

A. guest 

B. sponsor 

C. my devices 

D. blacklist 

E. client provisioning 

F. admin 

G. monitoring and troubleshooting 

Answer: A,B,C,D,E 

Q69. Which two statements about MAB are true? (Choose two.) 

A. It requires a preexisting database of the MAC addresses of permitted devices. 

B. It is unable to control network access at the edge. 

C. If MAB fails, the device is unable to fall back to another authentication method. 

D. It is unable to link the IP and MAC addresses of a device. 

E. It is unable to authenticate individual users. 

Answer: A,E 

Q70. Which RADIUS attribute is used primarily to differentiate an IEEE 802.1x request from a Cisco MAB request? 

A. RADIUS Attribute (5) NAS-Port 

B. RADIUS Attribute (6) Service-Type 

C. RADIUS Attribute (7) Framed-Protocol 

D. RADIUS Attribute (61) NAS-Port-Type