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Q11. A customer reports that a smartphone is experiencing a very short battery life. The user has been using this phone for a short time and has installed several apps recently. Which of the following might be the cause of the issue? 

A. Slow data speeds 

B. Defective SD card 

C. Unauthorized root access 

D. Signal drop or weak signal 


Q12. A technician gets a call from a customer stating that their computer will not boot. They are getting the following error “invalid system disk”. Which of the following should the technician check FIRST? 

A. Verify the operating system is installed correctly. 

B. Verify that all removable drives are empty. 

C. Verify Boot.ini is on the hard drive. 

D. Verify the computer will boot into safe mode. 



A user has installed two new drives in one of the computers in the computer lab and has been unable to format Disk1 from the command prompt. 

The lab requires that Disk1 be a dynamic disk configured with two partitions. The first partition must be 256,000 MB in size and mapped to drive F. The second partition must be 512,000 MB in size and mapped to drive G. 

The new partitions must be formatted to ensure that users' files can be secured from other users and that the disk must be configured to account for future redundancy. 

Instructions: Conduct the necessary steps within the Disk Manager to accomplish these tasks. When you have completed the simulation, please select the Done button to submit. 

Answer: Review the explanation for all details: 

Q14. A user recently installed a new video driver on a PC but now it will not boot. Which of the following is the BEST option to correct the issue? 

A. Automated system recovery 

B. Emergency repair disks 


D. Safe mode 


Q15. Which of the following is an example of client-side virtualization? 

A. Compatibility mode on a program icon properties menu 

B. Running a DOS application on a Windows 7 32-bit operating system 

C. Cloud hosted office applications 

D. XP mode running in Windows 7 64-bit operating system 


Q16. A technician has finished replacing the network card in a laptop and has verified full system functionality. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the technician take NEXT? 

A. Document findings, actions, and outcomes 

B. Escalate problem to a senior technician 

C. Re-establish new theory of probable cause 

D. Perform a full system backup 


Q17. Which of the following is the command line entry to start an archive or restore a process on a Windows XP computer? 






Q18. A customer is experiencing issues with email and calls the help desk. The technician 

determines it would help clarify the issue if the customer agrees to share their desktop. Prior to establishing a Remote Desktop Assistance connection with a customer, a technician should ask the customer to: 

A. close any items of a personal nature. 

B. reboot the computer and log back in. 

C. capture a screen-shot of the error message. 

D. take steps to reproduce the error. 


Q19. A user, Joe, calls and states every few hours he is unable to connect to the Internet for several minutes but is able to access internal sites during this time. Which of the following tools would be used to find the issue with the network connection? 






Q20. A user is experiencing a software application error. The user contacts a technician for support. Which of the following will allow the user to issue an invitation to the technician in this scenario? 

A. Remote desktop 

B. Remote assistance 

C. telnet