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Q1. Identify three functional responsibilities associated with the Channel Manager role. (Choose three.) 

A. Pursue Partner Leads and Opportunities 

B. Manage Partner Accounts 

C. Manage Partner Programs 

D. Manage Sales Planning and Forecasting 

E. Manage Partner Enrollment 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q2. The Sales VP wants his Sales Representatives to be able to search across all objects in Oracle Sales Cloud. Which profile option do you need to enable? (Choose the best answer.) 






Q3. Identify three business entities that can be auto-assigned by territory definition. (Choose three.) 

A. accounts 

B. sales quotas 

C. assets 

D. leads 

E. opportunities 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q4. You are importing records that already exist in your system. However, there are minor changes in those records. To update these records, which two key pieces of information does your file have to include? (Choose two.) 

A. Source system table structure should be similar to Oracle Sales Cloud table structure. 

B. Oracle Sales Cloud internal ID, or PUIDs, such as business keys or external IDs 

C. Source system reference value combination 

D. Source system base table details 

Answer: B,C 

Q5. When creating users in Oracle Sales Cloud, which are the four required attributes? (Choose four) 

A. Business Unit 

B. Email Address 

C. Person Type 

D. Reporting Manager 

E. Legal Employer 

F. Resource Role 

Answer: A,B,C,E 

Q6. Which are the three configuration options available in Oracle Sales Cloud with regard to closing an opportunity? (Choose three.) 

A. Enable the Close Opportunity action that lets users close opportunities while editing them. 

B. You must enable the Close Opportunity action, and only the users can close an opportunity by selecting a closed status and by saving the opportunity. 

C. Require users to enter a win/loss reason and a competitor when they close an opportunity. 

D. Set the default number of days to the opportunity close date. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q7. You are implementing Oracle Sales Cloud in four countries and your drop down displays all currencies worldwide. How can you display the currencies that you need for your implementation? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. You enable the currencies you need when you create the Master Geography. 

B. You disable the currencies you do not need in Manage Currencies. 

C. You set up the default currency in Manage Currency Profile Options. 

D. You enable the currencies you need when you create your implementation project. 


Q8. What is the out-of-the-box visibility of accounts for sales reps? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Sales reps can view accounts only if they are owners or are on the Sales team. 

B. Sales reps can view, edit, and delete all accounts. 

C. Sales reps can view all accounts and edit accounts if they are on the account team. 

D. Sales reps have no access to accounts unless they are on the Account Territory team. 


Q9. Identify three lookup types that are required to manage Leads in Oracle Sales Cloud. (Choose three.) 

A. Manage Time Frames 

B. Manage Lead Status 

C. Manage Resource Groups 

D. Manage Ranks 

E. Manage Resources 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q10. What feature in sales forecast allows salespeople to manually include or exclude a revenue item or forecast item from the sales forecast? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Forecast Criteria Override 

B. Forecast metric 

C. Territory Re-alignment 

D. Forecast Criteria Rollup 

E. Forecast Explicit Update